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AQ launches specialist toolkit for Accommodation Providers

The Accommodate Us Toolkit, designed to support accommodation providers in removing barriers and providing more inclusive travel experiences for neurodivergent patrons, is now available.

This project was facilitated by Autism Queensland’s Community Inclusion team, with the support of the Queensland Government’s Accessible Tourism Enablers Grant.

Read the project overview

Resources in this free online Toolkit will support accommodation providers to:

Increase their awareness and understanding of neurodiversity

Make the guest journey more predictable at every stage of their stay.

Create and foster inclusive environments.

Assets included in the Toolkit include instructional videos, filmed case studies that illustrate what planning and booking a stay, and arrivals and check-in can look like for a neurodivergent person, and downloadable resources designed to assist in the development of inclusive check-in procedures, creating a welcome story and undertaking a wayfinding audit.

Access the Full Resource here

For further support, training, or consultation to develop and implement inclusive solutions, contact our Community Inclusion team:

Phone: (07) 3273 0000

Email: [email protected]

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