Autism Queensland is a community based organisation dedicated to creating a life of participation, opportunity and choice for people living with ASD.

Autism Queensland School Update

11th November, 2016


It has come to our attention there is a misconception the Autism Queensland School is closing its doors due to a takeover. This is simply not true.

In fact, this organisation has recently invested substantially in upgrades to the grounds of both school campuses at Sunnybank Hills and Brighton.

In 2017 we are also extending the school program to introduce full-time Prep alongside the existing part-time Prep to Year 12 options. We are very excited about this expansion of services, as are the parents who are taking up the opportunity to enrol their child in the new program next year.

In August, Autism Queensland announced we had formed a strategic alliance with Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) to explore amalgamation. At this point we are still involved in a due diligence process to ascertain if such an amalgamation is viable and in the best interests of both organisations and the many thousands of individuals we support.

I would like to stress it is business as usual here at Autism Queensland, and there is one thing of which I am certain. Autism Queensland will continue to be operating in Queensland for a long time to come, regardless of whether an amalgamation occurs.

I invite you to email any concerns to Please also note that should you wish to apply to enrol your child in the Autism Queensland School you can do so via this link.

Rod Cameron
Chief Executive Officer