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Students with autism should have access to a range of schooling options

22nd June, 2017


As autism is a ‘spectrum disorder’, Autism Queensland believes that a range of schooling options should be available to students with autism and that no one option or model will suit the needs of every student with autism. 

Autism Queensland supports the rights of students with autism to participate in an inclusive, quality education on an equal basis with students without disabilities. Successful inclusion of students with disabilities relies on schools having sufficient resources and teachers receiving appropriate training to provide the support that students with additional needs require.

Autism Queensland services focus on providing supports to enable students to be successfully included at school, but also provide other, more specialised, educational opportunities for families and students with autism.

Autism Queensland also supports the rights of parents to have a range of educational options available that enable students to access the curriculum and which lead to a life of participation, opportunity and choice. 


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