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Final research to practice seminar scheduled for November

8th August, 2018

Building Language & Literacy to improve Educational Outcomes for Students on the Spectrum is the final seminar in the 2018 Autism Queensland Research to Practice Seminar series. 

The full day event at the Autism Hub in Woolloongabba and featuring presentations by Dr Marleen Westerveld & Dr Jessica Paynter. Dr Westerveld is a speech pathologist and Senior Lecturer, School of Allied Health Sciences, Griffith University Gold Coast. Dr Paynter is a clinical psycholigist and Lecturer, School of Applied Psychology, Griffith University Gold Coast.

The final in this 2018 series is suited for educators and therapists supporting young children with ASD and will cover the following topics:

  • Background on emergent and early literacy development and the Simple View of Reading
  • Autism: Diagnostic criteria, associated strengths and challenges and impact on learning, and educational challenges
  • Research Update: What do we know about the reading development of children with autism? - From preschool to the early years of schooling
  • Research to Practice: Sourcing and using high quality information, from assessment to intervention.

Early bird and team discounts (bookings for two or more) available until 24 October, 2018.