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Autism Queensland News

Autism Queensland announces temporary Chair

Autism Queensland Board of Directors last night appointed Ms Joanne Peulen as temporary Board Chair at the organisation’s 2020 Annual General Meeting following the resignation of Mr Ian Langdon at the meeting.

Director Neil Makepeace was appointed temporary Vice Chair.

Ms Peulen, on behalf of the Board and Executive Leadership team, acknowledged the enormous contribution Mr Langdon made to the organisation in his three years as Chair.

“Ian is an aspirational leader. He has asked all of us, not can we do this, but how.

“In his time as Chair of Autism Queensland his passion for supporting clients and staff has been incomparable, his role in charting our growth trajectory pivotal and his contribution to our future successes indelible.”

Ms Peulen has been an Autism Queensland Director since 2017 and chaired the Audit & Risk Committee since 2018.

The Board of Directors is committed to promptly appointing a permanent Chair.

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