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Ben’s Big Ride for Autism – Update

Sunshine Coast fundraiser Ben Rolfe has completed his epic 4500km cycle for autism across Australia.

He did it!

Ben set out from Point Cartwright Lighthouse, Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast in April with a goal to cycle some 4500km across to Western Australia, finishing in Fremantle at the North Mole Lighthouse, Fremantle, Western Australia.

Ben cycled into Perth last weekend, three and a half months after setting out on the trip he expected would take him six weeks.

After something cool and refreshing to drink and a pizza, Ben was on the next available flight back to Brisbane. He didn’t stop riding there though, and once he had reassembled his bike he cycled from Brisbane airport to AQ Sunnybank Hills where Sonja Wallis, Fundraising Manager and Jess Hutchinson, Fundraising Coordinator had the surprise and pleasure of meeting him in person! (Ben is pictured above with Sonja, left,  and Jessica, right).

Ben’s inspiration for this incredible feat is his nephew who is on the spectrum. He has so far raised nearly $3,000 for Autism Queensland and  committed to doing an annual ride for autism.

A massive congratulations to Ben for completing the trip. He has shown incredible strength and determination, battling very challenging weather conditions and sleeping in a tent for almost the entire journey.

If you would like help Ben to reach his $4,500 goal, you can donate on his fundraising page.

Autism QLD – The Big Ride for Autism


5 August 2022

This is the home stretch of his three-month journey which started in Mooloolaba, QLD and has seen him travel across Australia to Freemantle, WA, to raise awareness for autism.

Ben has been riding in support of his nephew and nieces who are on the autism spectrum. His goal is to raise $4,500 over the course of his trip to support both adults and children on the spectrum and help fulfil the growing demand for vital services.

It’s not too late to help Ben hit his goal by donating here: Autism QLD – The Big Ride for Autism

Despite tough conditions including rain, strong head winds, numerous flat tires and even a couple of dingo encounters, Ben has shown incredible grit and determination in completing his goal and raising funds and awareness for autism.

Throughout the trip Ben has spent the majority of the time camping in a tent and carrying just enough food to get him through to the next town.

Ben says that what stands out the most to him has been the generosity of the people he’s met along the way. He’s had countless people buy him meals, donate and encourage him in his journey.

He also made a new friend who drove him across WA to get his bike fixed and then all the way back to where it first broke down so he wouldn’t miss out on any of his ride!

A big thank you to Ben for not only showing us what’s possible when you push beyond what’s comfortable, but for raising vital funds and awareness for autism.

9 June 2022

Proud uncle and outdoor enthusiast, Ben Rolfe is six weeks into his cycling journey across the country to raise awareness and funds for autism.

He set out from Point Cartwright Lighthouse on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in mid-April and plans to travel a massive 4,500km across Australia to Freemantle, WA.

Ben is riding in support of his nieces and nephews who are on the spectrum and has set himself a goal to raise $4,500 for autism over the course of his trip.

Ben is approximately halfway through his journey and when we last heard from him was facing tough conditions in South Australia with strong headwinds and rain.

To follow Ben’s journey, support or donate to him in his relentless efforts to raise awareness and funds for autism visit his fundraising page: Autism QLD – The Big Ride for Autism.

If you would like to fundraise for Autism Queensland:

E: [email protected]
P: 07 3273 0000.

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