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Bookings for 2021 workshops and webinars are open

Bookings are now open for Autism Queensland’s 2021 autism-specific workshops with the first scheduled for 10 February.

Popular topics including Understanding Individuals on the Autism SpectrumPractical Strategies for Teacher AidesUnderstanding Sensory Processing Differences for Individuals on the Autism SpectrumClues to Behaviour Success, and Understanding and Supporting Girls on the Autism Spectrum return in 2021, along with many others.

While several of these workshops will be held in face to face format, many will be delivered as webinars, providing greater accessibility and convenience to attendees and across a range of time slots including morning, afternoon, late afternoon and evening.

Our professional and learning team have extensive experience in autism and include teachers, occupational therapists and speech pathologists. They work closely with Autism Queensland’s Research and Development Team to ensure the information shared in these workshops and webinars is based on evidence-informed and current best practice.

As experienced learning facilitators they also ensure workshops and webinars are practical and easy to understand and interactive.

To review current listings and to book your place, click here.

Please email all enquiries to [email protected].

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