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AQ Cairns

Autism Queensland Cairns is located at Edmonton, Cairns. Our specialist therapy and teaching team provide the following services for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families living in Cairns, Atherton, Innisfail, Weipa and surrounding areas.

Autism Queensland is a registered provider of NDIS supports.

Far North Queensland Centre of Excellence
15 – 17 Marr Street, Edmonton QLD 4869



EarlyAQtion Kindi supports children up to school entry age to develop the skills necessary for successful participation in-home and community life and transition into the next stage of their education.

These are small group programs, with 4 to 12 children in each group, depending on the needs of the children and centre facilities.

EarlyAQtion Kindi is holistic, family-focused and transdisciplinary, with all areas of your child’s life being addressed and with all staff having expertise and input across all areas of functioning.

Staffing varies according to the number and support needs of children in the group:

  • There is at least one professional (Occupational Therapist, Teacher or Speech Pathologist) who is the Group Leader (Key Worker).
  • Each group has at least two EarlyAQtion Assistants.
  • Weekly support from one or more other professionals (Occupational Therapist, Teacher, Psychologist or Speech Pathologist) occurs depending on the support needs of the children in the group.

EarlyAQtion Kindi:

  • Recognises the specific needs of your young child on the autism spectrum
  • Recognises parents are crucial members of the team who will help your child achieve success
  • Uses your child’s individual strengths and interests to motivate learning and develop skills
  • Teaches your child skills that are meaningful and useful
  • Utilises a positive approach to behaviour support that focuses on understanding the reasons for all behaviours.

For more information about accessing a place for your child, fees, NDIS funding, other EarlyAQtion services please complete the service request form.

Please note: Autism Queensland group fees are charged under the Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living section of your NDIS Plan. If you do not have funding in this specific Support Category, please discuss with your NDIS Local Area Coordinator or phone the NDIS on 1800 800 110.

NB: A waitlist may apply to some groups.

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These groups are delivered by our team of teachers and teacher aides, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists and social workers.

To register your interest in any of our groups, please complete the form below.

B-ME Club (12-14 & 15-17 years)

Individuals on the autism spectrum are invited to join our autism specialists for 10 weeks of self-discovery and learning. Participants will have the opportunity to develop new friendships in a safe environment, understand body changes and how to look after themselves (e.g. beauty, routines, puberty and hygiene) and learn about cyber safety.

Sessions are held weekly during school terms.


Food Scientists (7-9 Years)

A nine-week group to help children (7-9 years) develop positive eating habits and reduce anxiety around mealtimes. The group aims to help children learn about the ‘science’ of food (using food for energy, learning about digestion), have positive experiences with food and learn about the properties of food, learn simple recipes they can use at home and expand the range of foods they will try.

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Gamers Club - for Minecraft Extraordinaires (8-10 & 11-13 years)

This exciting and fun-filled Minecraft® themed program aims to develop the social skills of children on the autism spectrum aged 8-10 & 11-13 years. During the 8-week program, children will have the opportunity to make connections with others through shared interests, engage in social interactions through structured and unstructured activities, increase their participation in group activities and learn to understand the perspective of others.

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LEGO® Club (5-7 years & 8-12 years)

LEGO® Club focuses on building social confidence through the fun and engaging medium of LEGO® through collaboration with their peers. This strengths-based therapy aims to help children develop social functioning skills in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Delivered during school terms by our specialist therapists and educators.



Movie Club (12-13 & 14-17 years)

A group for teenagers on the autism spectrum (12-13 & 14-17 years) who enjoy movies and would benefit from practicing their social skills in a small group setting. The group provides a friendly and supportive environment in which participants will enjoy movies together and then join in group discussions and activities around social skills.

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Social Connections Groups (5-17 years)

Week-long, small group sessions for children aged 5–17 years that use common interests to scaffold the opportunity to help children and adolescents make friends, take turns and join in group activities, cope with stress and frustration, learn how to communicate more effectively and more. Participants are grouped according to age, skills, interests and individual goals. These groups run during school holidays and in school terms.

The Hangout (18 years +)

Are you interested in planning and preparing a meal with others, playing board games, using public transport, visiting local places in the community, or simply hanging out with like-minded people?

The Hangout is a group for adults interested in connecting with others and developing skills that can help you lead an independent and healthy life. You will meet weekly over 2 terms (based around school terms) and work collectively to plan weekly activities with the support of our mentors and therapists. As part of The Hangout, you will have an individual welcome meeting before commencement at which you can share with us your interests, strengths, and supports, as well as let us know what you hope to achieve by becoming part of The Hangout.

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