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Consultancy Services

Everyone's Welcome

Our helpful and experienced autism specialists can partner with you and your team to provide expert guidance around developing inclusive and innovative spaces/activities that are accessible to everyone.

People on the autism spectrum, and others with sensory processing differences, may experience barriers to accessing the environment that can limit their participation in everyday activities such as visiting shopping centres, being part of a sporting group or travelling in the community. Inclusive design removes these barriers, so everyone can access and participate equally in that space.

We can help with:

  • Site visits and discussion to identify your needs
  • Environmental assessment to identify barriers
  • Innovative, inclusive design solutions to possible barriers and improve access
  • Recommendations for design/modification for public or outdoor spaces (including breakout rooms/quiet spaces) in public spaces or outdoor spaces
  • Collaborative development of custom resources to support your clients and customers to comfortably access a space. (Eg Sensory maps, ‘What to do’ stories to provide predictability, Inclusion checklists, Visual communication supports/signage)
  • Staff training about neurodiversity and the benefits of inclusive design within current legislation and Australian Standards. This training/workshop will be customised to meet your needs/project.

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Please note there is a fee for this service.


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