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COVID-19 Restrictions Queensland Update

From 6pm tonight, Friday 4 March, Queensland Health has announced the easing of mask restrictions in Queensland.

  • Masks will no longer be required indoors, except in healthcare settings, residential aged care, disability accommodation, prisons, public transport, taxis and rideshare, airports and on planes.
  • Masks will no longer be required in schools, including for staff, students and visitors.
  • Masks will still be recommended whenever you can’t social distance.
  • There will be no limit on the number of visitors you can have in your home at one time.
  • Venues and events will no longer have capacity limits.

For Autism Queensland this means masks will no longer need to be required in our office spaces or within our schools. However, they are still required in our accommodation services, therapy services, and in some shared reception areas where social distancing is not possible.

Please contact your local AQ service if you are require more information.

You can also find more details here on the Queensland Government website.

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