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Queensland Government COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Earlier this week, the Queensland Government announced a mandate that from Wednesday 15 December 2021 all private healthcare staff including those working in disability services must be fully vaccinated. In accordance with these directions we will require all Autism Queensland staff to be fully vaccinated by this date. 

In addition, the Government is applying a number of access restrictions for unvaccinated people from 17 December 2021, or when 80% of Queenslanders aged 16 and over are fully vaccinated. (For further details, follow this link to the Queensland Government website.) 

We understand these restrictions will have implications for some of our clients, and this is a cause of concern for both themselves and their families. 

Autism Queensland remains committed to supporting our clients throughout these challenging times while continuing to comply with Queensland Government directives as required. 

We ask for your patience as we determine the best way forward in ensuring our continued provision of our services to those clients affected by the new mandate. 

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any concerns at 

Pam Macrossan
Chief Executive Officer

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