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Characteristics of Autism

Characteristics of Autism

ASD impacts all areas of a person’s life and how they cope in everyday situations. 

Although incredibly variable, some of the challenges that may be experienced by the person with ASD could include:

  • difficulty understanding what you say;
  • difficulty with eye contact and other nonverbal body language such as gestures and facial expression;
  • difficulty telling you what they want or need;
  • difficulty making conversation;
  • tendency to take things literally;
  • being awkward and ill at ease in a social situation;
  • unusual responses to sensory input including intense interest in or intense aversions to certain textures, sounds, movements, tastes or visual patterns or lights;
  • unusual or challenging behaviours in response to their confusion and stress;
  • significant learning difficulties;
  • outstanding skills in certain areas;
  • preoccupation with certain objects, topics, etc;
  • repetitive behaviours (such as hand flapping, body rocking, or finger flicking);
  • always wanting to do certain things the same way or to keep things the same;

While all people can exhibit some of these characteristics at some point or another, it is the pattern of behaviours, their intensity, and the fact that they persist beyond the typical age that leads to a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder.