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Adolescent/Adult Goal Setting Tool | Phase 2

This is an Autism Queensland research project led by our key researcher, Dr Jill Ashburner. 

What is this study about? 
We would like to invite you to take part in a research project that will help us to develop and refine a tool to assist people on the autism spectrum with formulating and prioritising their goals in a broad range of areas including independent living, social relationships, community participation, tertiary education, and employment. Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), which is currently being rolled out across Australia, people on the spectrum will be asked to meet with NDIS personal planners to discuss their goals and aspirations, with the aim of turning these goals into specific objectives. As person-centred planning processes can be challenging for many people on the spectrum, this study aims to develop and evaluate a tool to assist with the planning process. It is called the Adolescent/Adult Goal Setting Tool (AAGST). 

We have completed one phase of feedback from people on the spectrum and their family members and made changes to the AAGST based on this feedback. We are now looking for a second round of participants to give us feedback on this updated tool.

Who can participate? 
​You are welcome to participate if you are aged 14 years or over and on the spectrum, with or without an intellectual disability. We also invite family members of people on the spectrum to participate.

What is involved?
​Please read the relevant Participant Information Sheet below before deciding to participate. If you are a family member, please use the relevant Participant Information Sheet to discuss the study with your son/daughter on the spectrum.

What are the benefits?
The project is an evaluation of the Adult/Adolescent Goal Setting Tool (AAGST) and focused on qualitative information about participants’ experiences of using the tool. While there are no direct benefits related to participation in the research, the information provided by participants will contribute to the refinement of the AAGST, which in turn aims to benefit the broader autism community.

As a token of our appreciation of your participation, we will provide you with a $20 eGift Card for a store of your choice from a selection of outlets.

How do I start participating?
Make sure you have read and understood the Participant Information Sheet before agreeing to participate. If you are a family member of a young person on the spectrum, please ensure they understand what the study is about.

Please click here to complete the initial online consent form. We will then send you the materials to complete the study in the post and email you a link to complete the online survey.

Thank you for your interest in this research project. We look forward to working with you to contribute to a better understanding of young people’s sensory experiences.

Download a flyer.

Have any questions or need assistance with this study? Feel free to get in touch.
Dr Jill Ashburner, Manager Research and Business Development
E. jill.ashburner@autismqld.com.au
P. 07 3273 0075

Vicki Tomkins, Project Officer
E. vicki.tomkins@autismqld.com.au
P. 07 3273 0007