Queensland's most experienced provider of specialised education and therapy services for individuals on the autism spectrum.


Following is a list of services and supports for families of individuals on the autism spectrum. For more information on services for individuals on the spectrum please visit Our Services page and follow the links of interest.

Autism Advisor Program

This service is a component of the Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) package funded by the Department of Social Services and provides a link between clinical diagnosis and access to early childhood intervention programs & support services for families of children aged 0-6 years. Read more 

Early Intervention Indigenous Liaison Officer Program  

A national project hosted by Autism Queensland that aims to raise awareness of ASD in indigenous communities. It is funded by Department of Social Services as part of the HCWA program. Read more ►

Family Support & Social Groups

Independent support groups are run throughout Queensland and offer support to individuals with ASD and their families. Read more ►

Online Transition Resource Package

Information and resources for teachers, parents and carers to assist children with autism to make a smooth transition from early childhood learning into all Queensland schools. Read more ► 

Adolescent/Adult Goal Setting Tool

The Adolescent/Adult Goal Setting Tool (AAGST) has been designed to enable people on the autism spectrum and other neurodivergent individuals to actively engage in person-centred planning processes. Read more ►


Parent Education (workshops)

Autism Queensland delivers a range of scheduled workshops at locations throughout Queensland on a range of topics. Please click here to see the current schedule.

We also deliver Early Days Workshops on behalf of the Department of Social Services for parents of young children on the spectrum or who are going through the assessment and diagnosis process. Click here to see the current schedule.  

For more information:

P. 07 3273 0000  I  E. customerservice@autismqld.com.au