Queensland's most experienced provider of specialised education and therapy services for individuals with ASD.

Services for young children with ASD

Autism Queensland Mackay provides early intervention services to children under seven years of age with a diagnosis of ASD and their families living in Mackay, Whitsundays and surrounds. Our specialist team include teachers, teacher aides, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and a social worker. 

Early Childhood Intervention Group Program

This program supports children to develop the skills necessary for successful participation in home and community life and for successful transition into the next stage of their education.  It focuses on the development of functional communication and social skills, sensory processing, attention, comprehension, problem-solving, self-care and increased independence. A maximum of six children per group attend two to three days per week for a minimum of 12 months. This program is suitable for children aged 3-6 years. 

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Early Start Denver Model 

The ESDM is an early intervention model designed to target the key features of autism involving intensive teaching within a play-based curriculum.

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Food School

Food School will assist individuals to develop their feeding habits and independent eating skills. These sessions target areas that may cause difficulty for individuals with ASD such as restrictions in the types and number of foods they will eat, sensitivity to certain tastes, smells and textures and extreme reactions to foods they do not like. 

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Preparation Station

A three-week group program for children with ASD to prepare for successful transition to Prep. 

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Preparing for Year 1

A 15 week group program for children with ASD to prepare for successful transition from Prep to Year 1. 

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Social Skills Group Program

A short-term program that aims to develop children’s functional abilities in the area of social skills including turn-taking and sharing, play, social communication and friendship. Children aged between 5- 8 years will attend a one-hour session weekly over nine weeks after school. 

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Individual Therapy

Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy services for individuals of all ages.

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Autism Queensland Mackay

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This service was made possible thanks to the financial support of The John Villiers Trust, in conjunction with funding provided by Department of Communities - Disability Services. John Villiers was a lifelong member of Autism Queensland and emphasised the importance of accessibility of services in regional Queensland.