Queensland's most experienced provider of specialised education and therapy services for individuals on the autism spectrum.

Services for school-aged children with ASD

Autism Queensland Gladstone's team of therapy and education professionals with expertise in ASD deliver the following group programs for children and adolescents with a diagnosis of ASD. They also offer individual therapy.

Fine Motor Skills

This group aims to help develop the fine motor skills of children with ASD. Sessions will focus on increasing each child's skill in functional tasks depending on the age of your child and their needs. 

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Literacy Support Group (5-12 years)

A group program tailored to each child's reading and writing goals. 

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LEGO® Club (8-12 years)

A one afternoon a week social skills program using Lego-based therapy to develop the social & communication skills of children. 

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Secret Agent Society (SAS) Social Skills Program 

A revolutionary social skills program for 8-12 year olds with social and emotional challenges.  Read more ►

Super Speakers Club

A group program to help your child’s speech development. Suitable for children aged 4-7 years. 

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Secret Sounds Club

Focus areas during this program include letter sounds, sounds in words, breaking down & building up words, rhyming and syllables. Suitable for children aged 5-8 years. 

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Social Skills Group

A group to develop the social skills of children 5-8 years old with ASD. 

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