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Register with Autism Queensland

Why do I need to register my child*/myself with Autism Queensland?

Most Autism Queensland services and programs require individuals accessing them to be registered. Registration also assists us to establish a profile of the people who use our services and enables us to tailor these services accordingly. It also allows us to communicate with you individually. From time to time we may contact you to tell you about new services, programs and events. 
*If your child has accessed the Autism Advisor Program through Autism Queensland you are not automatically registered with us. You will need to complete an Autism Queensland registration form

Please note: Registration with Autism Queensland does NOT link you to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). For more information about NDIS and funding please click here or call 1800 800 110. 

Who can register with Autism Queensland?

Registration is available for individuals who have a diagnosis of ASD, are awaiting diagnosis, or who may benefit from our services. Both adults and children can be registered with Autism Queensland. A person's legal guardian can complete the form on their behalf. Family members of individuals registered with Autism Queensland may also be eligible to access support, but they do not need to register separately.

Register online here  OR  Download a form

Need to update your details

Are you already registered with Autism Queensland but would like to update your details ie new address, phone number, email, change of name etc? (Please note this is not a registration form.) 

 Update your details online OR  Download a change of details form 

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to register.

What happens next?

When we receive your completed documentation you will be notified that you/your child is registered with Autism Queensland. You will also receive information about services and programs that may be of interest to you. 

Please note: Registration with Autism Queensland does not place you or your child on a waiting list for services or programs. You must apply for each program or service you want to access as separate eligibility criteria apply. 

Can I access any support or services while I am waiting for my registration to be processed?

Yes, you can contact us if you have concerns. Children may also be eligible for a School Advisory Visit. Click here for more information. 

I have already registered my child with the Autism Advisor Program. Does this mean my child is automatically registered for Autism Queensland services? 

No. Although the Autism Advisor Program in Queensland is hosted by Autism Queensland, this program is required to maintain separate client records. Therefore, you will also have to register with Autism Queensland if you wish to access the relevant services and receive regular information from us. 

Please note: If your child is under seven (7) years of age and you live in a local government area that has NOT transitioned to the National Disability Scheme, and your child is NOT registered with the Autism Advisor Program please call 1800 428 847 or email aap@autismqld.com.au as they may be eligible for HCWA funding.

For more information about registering please contact: 
P. 07 3273 0000
E. registration@autismqld.com.au