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Resources and Information

Adolescent/Adult Goal Setting Tool (AAGST)

The Adolescent/Adult Goal Setting Tool (AAGST) has been designed to enable autistic and other neurodivergent people to actively engage in person-centred planning processes.

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The Family Goal Setting Tool (FGST)

For therapists, teachers, social workers and other specialists working with families with young children, the FGST is a card sort to scaffold the identification, communication and prioritisation of each families goals. It encompasses child-focussed goals and the family need for information, support and the opportunity for active participation in the community.

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AAGST Research & Development

The initial goal cards, including the wording on the cards, were generated by three researchers based on their combined clinical experience, a review of the literature and other person-centred planning tools.

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MYSET (My Sensory Experiences Tool)

The My Sensory Experiences Tool (MYSET) has been designed to enable and empower autistic and neurodivergent children and adults to give voice to everyday sensory experiences.

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