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Groups for Adults (18+)

These groups are delivered by members of our multidisciplinary team including educators, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and psychologists.

Autism Queensland offers a range of groups for adults (18+) on the autism spectrum focusing on key elements including behaviour, developmental and social participation designed to meet the needs of participants. Please note that due to demand waitlists may apply.

Please note: Fees are charged under the Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living section of your NDIS Plan. If you do not have funding in this specific Support Category, please discuss with your NDIS Local Area Coordinator or phone the NDIS on 1800 800 110.


Allies & Adventures

Allies & Adventures (AAA) is a role-playing game-based group (RPG) for adults (18+) on the spectrum that enables lovers of RPGs with the opportunity to build friendships and other social developments in a safe, structured, and supportive environment.

Participants will be supported by experienced mentors to practice their social and communication skills while enjoying role-playing sessions. They will learn to work as a team, including forming plans and problem-solving, engage in a variety of conversations, and above all, have an enjoyable time with their fellow role players.

This group is run in Brisbane at select times of the year.

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B-Me Club

Adults (18+) on the autism spectrum join our autism specialists & mentors for sessions over a period of weeks and have the opportunity to learn how to express themselves through:

  • Makeup and clothing
  • Meeting new friends
  • Practicing conversation skills
  • Exploration of other areas of interest.

This group is run in Brisbane at select times of the year.

Spaces for this group are available:

Sandgate Town Hall Sunnybank Hills
1 Aug – 12 Sep
1:30pm – 3:30pm
17 Aug – 21 Sep
10am – 12pm

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Let's Talk Dating

Let’s Talk Dating is a group designed for adults (18+) who are interested in learning some of the key skills for dating. This group focuses on topics such as; initiating a conversation, asking someone on a date, understanding tone of voice and much more.

Group discussions are facilitated by a therapist and participants will use a workbook to keep track of topics, and will have access to specialised videos to facilitate learning.

This group runs in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast at select dates across the year. It is also offered online.

Spaces for this group are available:

12 Jul – 13 Sep
9am – 11am
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Make A Meal Of It

Make A Meal Of It is a facilitated group to help individuals build capacity for an independent life. This group is for adults (18+) on the autism spectrum that aims to help develop independence and daily living skills through activities including;

  • Cooking
  • Budgeting
  • Shopping
  • Social participation.

This group is run in Brisbane and Mackay and is also offered online.

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On-The-GO is a group for adults (18+) on the spectrum interested in learning more about train, taxi, bus travel and more, or would like to start using public transport.

Participants will have lots of opportunities to use public transport with support from our staff and will learn about public transport etiquette, safety, how to plan a journey, back up plans and how to plan for the unexpected.

This group is run in Brisbane. 

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PEERS® is an evidence-based intervention group for motivated young adults between 18-38 years of age who are interested in learning skills to make and keep friends, participate in social settings, and develop romantic relationships.

Individuals can choose an 10 or 20 week program depending on their goals.

This group is run in Brisbane. 

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Studio G

Studio G is a group for adults  (18+) with an interest in creative arts and digital media. Studio G members participate in an exploration of various creative arts and digital media areas including game development, animation, short film making, photography, and/or creative writing.

The Studio G community provides participants with a supportive and creative space to develop a range of skills including building confidence in their own potential to achieve goals through working on creative passions, being part of a group, engaging and collaborating with others, and considering and planning for the future (e.g., study, employment, independent living, etc.).

Studio G runs as both a face to face group and online. 

Spaces for this group are available:

Mon & Fri
11 Jul – 15 Sep
9am – 11am
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The Hangout

Are you interested in planning and preparing a meal with others, playing board games, using public transport, visiting local places in the community, or simply hanging out with like-minded people?

The Hangout is a group for adults (18+) interested in connecting with others and developing skills that can help you lead an independent and healthy life.

As part of The Hangout, you will have an individual welcome meeting before commencement at which you can share with us your interests, strengths, and supports, as well as let us know what you hope to achieve by joining The Hangout.

The Hangout will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Meet new people, have conversations and play games
  • Plan group activities and budget for outings
  • Prepare and cook light meals together and more

This group is available in Brisbane, Cairns, Mackay and Rockhampton. 

Please note: schedules may vary between between locations.

Spaces for this group are available at:

AQ Sunnybank Toombul Woolloongabba
Tue & Thu
12 Jul – 15 Sep
1pm – 4pm
13 Jul – 14 Sep
1pm – 4pm
15 Jul – 16 Sep
1pm – 4pm
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