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Customised Services

Autism Queensland offers a range of customised services on a fee for service basis. This enables us to provide a flexible service that is structured to meet the needs of the client and other relevant stakeholders including schools and community organisations.

Support Programs

These programs can be delivered in a range of settings including:

  • Early Childhood Settings
  • Schools
  • Other community settings
  • Autism Queensland centres.

The content and format of each of these programs is tailored to individual needs. Activities/services contained within these programs may include one or a combination of:

  • Multidisciplinary/Transdisciplinary Assessments and Programs (eg speech pathology, occupational therapy)
  • Development of Positive Behaviour Support Plans and behaviour interventions
  • Development of Transition Plans
  • Designing and implementing environmental adjustments
  • Assistance planning curriculum adjustments
  • Targeted programs addressing developmental and independence skills as communication, toileting, eating and drinking, sleeping etc.

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