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Support Coordination

Autism Queensland is registered to provide support connection and coordination of supports to NDIS participants who have provision for this service in their NDIS plan.

The role of a support coordinator is to assist participants, families and carers to understand and implement the funded supports in their plan and make links to the community, mainstream and other government services. Support coordinators help people to ‘optimise’ their plans, ensuring they are getting the most from their funded supports.

Based upon experience and qualified expert knowledge, Autism Queensland’s support coordinators work to meet people’s individual needs, providing unbiased assistance in locating and selecting supports and programs.

To access support coordination, the NDIS participant has to have funding specifically allocated in their plan for either support connection or coordination of supports.

Support Connection

Support connection is the provision of assistance to participants to implement their plan. In this type of service, the coordinator helps the person to understand their plan. They work alongside them to identify their support requirements and provide an overview of how to link in with relevant services and participate in the community.

The cost for this service is $63.21 per hour.

Coordination of Supports

Coordination of supports is a more intensive service than support connection. For clients funded for coordination of supports, the coordinator will focus on facilitating greater independence in all aspects of the person’s life, not just those relating to the services funded in their NDIS plan. Guided by the participants’ goals, the emphasis is on linking the broader systems of support across a complex delivery environment.

A support coordinator will, first and foremost, help the person develop their ability to exercise choice and control, coordinate supports, and access their local community. The support coordinator will assist the person to negotiate with providers about what they will offer and understand how much it will cost out of a plan. They will ensure service agreements and service bookings are completed. The support coordinator can also assist in planning ahead to prepare for a plan review.

Coordination of supports can also include resolving points of crisis, and provide a valuable link across services to maximise outcomes for the person.

The cost for this service is $100.14 per hour.