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A range of autism-related topics and designed for audiences including therapists, educators, teacher aides, school officers, lifestyle support workers, OHSC and vacation care staff, disability employment consultants, parents/carers/family members and others working with or supporting people on the spectrum.

Our workshops and webinars:
  • Discuss evidence-informed practice:  We use professional reasoning to bring together current high quality research evidence and the values, strengths and preferences of individuals and families.
  • Are strengths focused:  We strive to support the development of every person’s potential, recognising that a strengths focus enables growth and empowers decision making and self-advocacy.
  • Use neurodiverse affirming language and approaches: Neurodiversity is part of human diversity and it doesn’t need fixing.  Our workshops and webinars embrace, understand and celebrate all people and their right to belong and participate meaningfully.
  • Provide a safe space: Everyone is welcome to attend and we provide and promote safe and respectful people and spaces to ensure you are comfortable within our workshop.
  • Are co-designed with individuals with lived experience of autism.

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Understanding & Supporting Girls & Women on the Autism Spectrum

18:30  -  20:30

AQ is coming to Kingaroy! For educators, therapists, parents/carers and other professionals supporting girls and women on the autism spectrum.

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