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May 9

BRISBANE - PLAN for Year 7 workshop series

Autism Queensland, 437 Hellawell Road, SUNNYBANK HILLS - 15:30 - 17:30

SERIES DATES: Thursday 9 & 23 May; 6 & 20 June.

This suite of four workshops will provide participants with information and strategies to best support students on the autism spectrum in the Year 7 setting. Participants will gain a greater understanding of autism and the practical approaches that can be used to support individuals within this year level.  

Strategies presented will be relevant to a Year 7 setting and suitable for implementation by busy high school teachers and their support staff. This series has been designed in the knowledge that participants will attend all four workshops, as the topics are built upon knowledge learnt within each session.  

WORKSHOP 1  Person-centred

  • Characteristics of autism and knowing your student
  • Understanding the educational needs of students on the spectrum
  • General strategies suitable for the Year 7 context

WORKSHOP 2   Learning

  • Impact of anxiety on learning and wellbeing
  • Managing behaviour associated with anxiety (including  task avoidance, class disruptions and emotional outbursts)
  • Sensory processing considerations

WORKSHOP 3   Access

  • Navigating the changing social demands and emotions associated with adolescence and puberty
  • Teaching skills associated with personal hygiene and independent self-care tasks
  • Supporting students to develop new friendships

WORKSHOP 4   Navigating High School

  • Surviving the transition between multiple teachers, subjects and classrooms
  • Organisation and planning skills
  • Supporting students with assessment.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with other Year 7 teachers and support staff and will leave the suite of workshops with a bank of practical strategies and usable resources. 

Our workshops are:

  • Practical and easy to understand
  • Interactive
  • Drawn from current and evidence-informed practice.


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