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Mar 1

BRISBANE - Practical Strategies for Teacher Aides

Autism Hub, 141 Merton Road, WOOLLOONGABBA - 09:30 - 14:30

This session is for teacher aides supporting students on the autism spectrum. Participants will gain an understanding of autism and how it impacts the individual. Throughout the day, we will discuss proactive strategies that are individualised to the student, support inclusion and maximise participation.

Discussions will cover:

  • The characteristics of autism & its impact on individuals
  • The importance of understanding the individual student in order to enhance engagement and learning outcomes
  • Practical strategies for your school setting
  • Reasons why certain behaviours occur & factors that make the behaviours both more likely and less likely to occur
  • Strategies to limit the likelihood of the behaviour reoccurring
  • Positive Behaviour Support, and why this approach is successful when supporting children on the autism spectrum
  • Effective ways to work as a team
  • The importance of an individual profile. Participants will be provided with the framework for developing a profile that can be shared with their school team.

The facilitator will discuss examples and cases to highlight challenges and strategies which may be useful for the student. Participants will have opportunities to share tips and strategies. Questions and sharing of information/ideas are encouraged and highly desirable to enhance learning outcomes.

Our workshops are:

  • Practical & easy to understand
  • Interactive
  • Drawn from current & evidence-informed practice.


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