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Government releases housing plan for Queenslanders with disability

The Queensland Government has released a plan to improve housing outcomes for Queenslanders with disability.

Co-designed with Queenslanders with Disability Network, Partnering for inclusive housing with Queenslanders with disability 2024–2027 is a housing action plan that aims to provide Queenslanders with disability with greater choice and control in their living arrangements.

People with disability experience a range of barriers to obtaining and sustaining safe, secure and affordable housing, including a lack of appropriate housing and challenges accessing and navigating service systems.

The plan and its companion piece, Our co-design journey: what ‘home’ means to people with disability, aim to address these barriers by guiding the delivery of diverse housing options, strengthening measures to protect and support people with disability living in residential services, and helping Queenslanders with disability to find, get and keep private housing.

The plan is underpinned by the four Housing Principles for Inclusive Communities – rights, choice, control and inclusion – and sets a range of actions to increase housing options that meet the needs and preferences of people with disability.

To support the plan’s implementation, the Queensland Government will establish an Expert Disability Housing Advisory Panel that will be chaired and led by people with lived experience of disability, including First Nations peoples with disability.

The plan also ensures the voices of people with disability are heard when developing, implementing and reviewing housing legislation,  policies, procedures, programs and service delivery that impact them.

To find out more about Partnering for inclusive housing with Queenslanders with disability 2024–2027 and what it means for you and your community, visit

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