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Consultancy Services

Inclusion Consultancy Services

AQ’s inclusive design solutions are co-created with early childhood centres, schools, community spaces and organisations to ensure they are meaningful and achievable. This collaborative process empowers organisations to take ownership, by removing barriers and engaging in a continuous process of reflection, to ensure all people can access, participate, and feel welcomed in their spaces.

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AQ’s INCLUDE Consultancy consists of three key services areas:

Experienced members of our staff engage with you and your team to provide a holistic level of support that is evidence-based and considers the needs and preferences of your customers, clients, staff, operational requirements and practicalities of the setting. The aim is to embed an inclusive culture throughout all your teams, facilities and activities and maximising access, participation, and a sense of belonging and community for all.

An accommodation is a change that is made so a person with a disability can fully participate… but do people feel they belong and are connected to the space? Can everyone participate in the way they wish alongside all others?

While accommodations will always be necessary in some capacity, universal design and true inclusion and accessibility lessens the burden of constantly needing to request and push for having inclusion needs met. True inclusion is having a place, environment, or event that is co-designed from the start to be accessible to everyone and takes into account how all people experience and feel in the space or at the event.

How do we do this?

  • An innovative and inclusive design: collaborative identification of design solutions to support inclusion across all aspects of your organisation (eg indoor/outdoor/online spaces, online processes or structures, or the development of programs).
  • Neurodiversity and inclusion training: engaging and bespoke training to increase understanding of neurodiversity and inclusion.
  • Resources to support inclusion: development of strategies, online tools and resources to effectively support inclusion.

Please note that fees apply to AQ services and supports.

Organisations, events & spaces AQ has worked with

  • Queensland Museum & Sciencentre
  • Queensland Museums Network
  • Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA)
  • Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Out of the Box Performances
  • Kmart
  • School & childcare centres
  • Brisbane City Council
  • Film and media industry
  • Shopping centres
  • Employment service providers
  • Queensland Rail and other transport providers
  • Community centres and organisations.

Available to early childhood settings seeking individualised support from a consultant with expertise in supporting success for neurodivergent and autistic children, their families, and the staff supporting them. INCLUDE Early Years Inclusion offers coaching, mentoring, guided practice in your setting, professional conversations, reflection on practice, and resource development.

“This program has not only helped us grow as educators, but as a centre bringing a holistic, inclusive approach to learning.”

Our service provides you with:

  • Coaching, mentoring and specialised training.
  • Guided practice in your setting with professional conversations
    and a reflection on practice.
  • Resource growth and development.
  • Provide education to your staff and setting about autism, neurodivergent learners and universal design for learning.
  • Web-based and/or face-to-face services.
  • Travel options: we will come to you at your kindergarten, child care centres, daycares, outside school care, early childhood
    services etc.

Funding options may include:

Kindergarten Inclusion Service

AQ also delivers the Kindy Inclusion Service in Queensland. 

We are proud to work with the Queensland Department of Education to deliver this free service to Queensland Approved Kindergartens Including State Delivered Kindergartens.

Available to schools and early childhood settings seeking on-going support from a consultant with
expertise in inclusive practices for neurodivergent learners and autistic children.

Your consultant can:

  • Provide direct support for students with learning differences.
  • Provide coaching and mentoring of school staff.
  • Assist in the development of Individual Plans and Positive Behaviour Support Plans.
  • Assist with planning curriculum adjustments that align with the NCCD requirements.
  • Design, implement and monitor environmental adjustments in collaboration with school staff.
  • Provide education to the school about autism, neurodivergent learners and universal design for learning.
  • Collaborate with school-based therapists and psychologists.
  • Support parents in understanding their child’s specific learning needs.

Please note this service is not permitted to replace a school teacher in the classroom or carry out playground duties (although observation of, or support for, a student may take place in the playground if appropriate).

Contact us for an individualised quote.


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Available to community spaces and organisations seeking support from a consultant with
expertise in inclusive practices for neurodivergent and autistic individuals.

Our dedicated and experienced consultants are available to collaborate with you and your team, providing expert guidance on creating inclusive and welcoming environments for everyone.    

Inclusive design fosters unity and eliminates barriers, enabling full access, participation and a sense of belonging for all.   

We have experience in collaborating with businesses and corporate organisations across a variety of sectors, including playgrounds and parks, shopping centres, early years centres and the education sector (i.e., schools, universities), public transport facilities, workspaces, and online platforms. 

We can help with: 

  • Site visits and discussion to identify your needs. 
  • Environmental exploration to identify innovative inclusive design solutions to remove barriers and improve access, participation and inclusion.  
  • Collaborative development of Quiet Spaces and customised resources to support your clients and customers to comfortably visit and participate (e.g., sensory maps, Welcome Stories to provide predictability, visual communication supports/signage). 
  • Bespoke staff training about neurodiversity and the benefits of inclusive design within current legislation and Australian Standards. This training/workshop will be customised to meet your needs/the project. 

 Contact us for an individualised quote.

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