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Accommodate Us

The Accommodate Us project was facilitated by Autism Queensland’s Community Inclusion team, with the support of the Queensland Government’s Accessible Tourism Enablers Grant. This project resulted in the development of the Accommodate Us Toolkit, a co-designed Toolkit specifically designed to support accommodation providers in removing barriers and providing more inclusive travel experiences for neurodivergent patrons.

The Accommodate Us Toolkit was developed through a co-designed framework with neurodivergent travellers and accommodation providers. The resources in this Toolkit will support accommodation providers to:

Enhance their knowledge and capability.

Identify and remove barriers.

Implement inclusive design solutions.

Create informed, welcoming, and inclusive experiences for neurodivergent patrons.

Introduction to the Accommodate Us Toolkit

This video provides a brief overview of the Toolkit.

Below you will find educational videos, how-to guides, tips, tools and strategies to support accommodation providers in creating more inclusive travel experiences. The Accommodate Us Toolkit is organised under the following solution-focused project themes:

1.  Increase Understanding of Neurodivergence

2.  Make the Guest Journey More Predictable at Every Stage

3.  Create and Foster Inclusive Environments

The journey to genuine inclusion starts by increasing awareness and understanding. Learning about neurodivergence and the experiences of neurodivergent travellers is a critical first step towards creating more inclusive travel experiences.

Introduction to Neurodiversity, Neurodivergence & Inclusion

This video clarifies terminology and unpacks what it means to be inclusive, featuring insights from a neurodivergent traveller.

Understanding Neurodivergence and the Experience of Neurodivergent Travellers

This resource provides an overview of neurodivergence and highlights common barriers faced by neurodivergent travellers.

Establishing predictability involves ensuring that guests know what to expect about the physical environment, procedures, activities, amenities, and other services before arrival and during their stay.

A filmed case study of planning and booking a stay

The following video features Rebecca, a neurodivergent traveller, discussing the challenges she faces in planning and booking accommodation and what providers can do to make this process more inclusive.

How to create a Welcome Story

A Welcome Story (sometimes referred to as a Visual Story or What-To-Expect Story) is a resource designed to provide people with accurate and useful information about what to expect when planning a stay at your accommodation. They provide predictability for guests, which can help them feel more relaxed and confident about booking and staying with you.

This how-to guide will support you to:

Identify key information to include in a Welcome Story.

Format and structure a Welcome Story for clarity and conciseness.

Effectively implement and operationalise your Welcome Story.

A filmed case study of arrival & check-in

The following video highlights some of the potential barriers faced by neurodivergent travellers during arrival and check-in.

How to Create a Check-in Procedure

This resource will guide you through the steps to consider when creating a check-in procedure. Sharing your check-in procedure with guests creates predictability and will help them feel more relaxed and confident on arrival. An inclusive check-in procedure streamlines the process for staff and ensures that all guests feel welcome and supported.

Inclusive environments are much more than accessible spaces. They are welcoming and intuitive spaces that foster a sense of safety and belonging. Creating and fostering inclusive environments is a journey that starts with a commitment to inclusion.

The Importance of Wayfinding

The following video defines and explains the importance of wayfinding and demonstrates how you can assess wayfinding at your venue.

Wayfinding Audit Tool

Wayfinding refers to how people orientate themselves to a space or place and how they navigate throughout that space. Wayfinding is supported by infrastructure and physical design, landscaping, graphic design, maps, and signage.

This editable tool provides prompts and examples to guide you through the process of:

•  Determining which elements of wayfinding your venue has in place.

•  Assessing the effectiveness of these wayfinding elements.

•  Highlighting any gaps in the wayfinding systems throughout your venue.

•  Identifying opportunities for inclusive wayfinding solutions.

Inclusive Solutions Across the Guest Journey

This resource provides a summary of the key considerations and inclusive solutions across each step in the guest journey. It serves as a reference tool for accommodation providers on their roadmap to inclusion.

Creating inclusive spaces where everyone can feel welcomed, valued and included is not just the right thing to do, it is how industry remains on the forefront of innovation and growth.

Special thanks to the following accommodation providers for taking part in the Accommodate Us Project and exploring options to champion inclusion:

•  Cedar Creek Lodges

•  Crystalbrook Vincent

•  Daydream Island Resort

•  Paradise Resort Gold Coast

•  Pullman Brisbane King George Square

•  Novotel Cairns Oasis Resort.


“This project has brought much more awareness to the team of things that were not previously considered that would benefit not only our neurodivergent guests but all our visitors.”
“This project has helped identify many problems which can easily be transformed into solutions that will create a more inclusive experience across our whole park.”
“Our understanding has definitely been enhanced through this project and working with [AQ]. The in-depth knowledge, passion and understanding of the challenges faced by neurodivergent guests has increased our understanding of how we can create a safe and welcoming environment for all our visitors.”
“This project has completely changed our knowledge and outlook on the barriers and challenges others face on a daily basis.”
“[An] invaluable resource that will be able to assist us greatly in creating an inclusive site for all.”

For further support, training, or consultation to develop and implement inclusive solutions, contact our Community Inclusion team:

Phone: (07) 3273 0000

Email: [email protected]

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The Accommodate Us Toolkit is proudly supported by the Queensland Government’s Accessible Tourism Enablers Grant.
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