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Resources and Information

Adolescent/Adult Goal Setting Tool (AAGST)

The Adolescent/Adult Goal Setting Tool (AAGST) has been designed to enable neurodivergent people including those on the autism spectrum to actively engage in person-centred planning processes.

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The Family Goal Setting Tool (FGST)

For therapists, teachers, social workers and other specialists working with families with young children, the FGST is a card sort to scaffold the identification, communication and prioritisation of each families goals. It encompasses child-focussed goals and the family need for information, support and the opportunity for active participation in the community.

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ASD Online Transition Resource Package

The Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) - Online Transition Resource Package provides a one-stop shop of information and resources for teachers, parents and carers to assist children with autism to make a smooth transition from early childhood learning into all Queensland schools.

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Family Support & Social Groups

A useful list of individual local family and social support groups for Carers, families of children and adults with autism.

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Early Years Connect

Early Years Connect offers free professional development for early childhood education and care educators in Queensland.

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Australian Websites and Resources

A useful list of Australian websites offering support, resources and information to carers, families of children, and adults with autism.

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Australian Autism Organisations

A list of Australian autism organisations and their websites.

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What I Wish I Knew – Short Documentary

‘What I Wish I Knew’, shares the stories of five Brisbane families as they discuss what they wish they knew about autism in the early days, or what they wish people knew now. It also shares insights from Associate Professor David Trembath & Dr Jill Ashburner, who specialise in the fields of autism and research.

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Living with Autism – Ky’s story (Animation)

“Living with Autism – Ky’s Story” is presented and narrated by actor Hugo Weaving and looks at the key characteristics of autism as experienced by his 16-year-old nephew Ky Greenwood.

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