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Autism-Queensland-Commitment to Client Safety & Wellbeing
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Autism Queensland Limited Board of Directors

Ms Joanne Peulen
Ms Joanne Peulen

Director, Chair (Interim)

Jo has extensive experience in senior management roles in the energy industry and is an independent consultant specializing in strategic financial and business risk management. She brings to Autism Queensland her own personal experience of living with disability and a firm belief in the link between culture, performance and resilience.

Mr Neil Makepeace - Director
Mr Neil Makepeace

Director, Deputy Chair (Interim)

Neil is an experienced leader and director with 30 years’ experience solving complex problems in Queensland, around Australia and worldwide. He has a strong track record in governance, executive leadership, management consulting, strategic planning, systems development and operations. His passions include driving business growth and creating public value. Neil is a recognised leader in the field of open data.

Danielle Butcher
Mrs Danielle Butcher


Danielle has over 20 years’ experience leading successful teams, programs and specialised projects. She identifies opportunities to obtain efficiencies and drive reform and has a strong understanding of the not for profit sector, government, policy, governance, asset and facilities management, education and awareness, indigenous issues, disabilities, tenancy issues, hardship and concession programs, customer management, complaints management and standards.

Mr Scott Reid
Mr Scott Reid


Scott is the director of Smart & Connected networks, RIoT Solutions. Scott has over 27 years’ experience in the ICT industry in Queensland, including 17 years in senior management at Cisco Systems. He has held management roles with national and international companies such as Dell Computer Systems and Volante and previously owned and operated a large local ICT firm, Silicon Data. Scott is dedicated to ensuring the ICT industry’s participation in social responsibility and continues to be a strong advocate for the industry. His personal areas of expertise include Healthcare and Education, and he has been a thought leader for the concept of Smart Connected Communities and Intelligent Urbanisation.

Mr Josh Mennen


Josh is a Principal Lawyer and Nation Litigation Leader at Maurice Blackburn.  Admitted to legal practice in 2007, Josh has acted predominantly across superannuation, general insurance, life insurance, financial advice and consumer credit disputes in various tribunals and courts. He is a prominent commentator on public policy, having advanced consumer rights through scores of submissions, appearances at parliamentary inquiries and media appearances. Josh provides financial services legal advice to disabled or wronged consumers, disability support groups, charities, State Trustees, financial counsellors, community groups and unions. He is passionate about increasing consumer rights/awareness, and giving voice to those dis-empowered by illness, injury and socioeconomic barriers.

Ms Robyn Bunting


Robyn was born in rural NSW and studied Education at Charles Sturt University. In her career in Medical Sales and Education she has worked with several international medical organisations as well as NSW state bodies for general practice. While working in rural and remote areas she developed an understanding of the need for community support and the issues services faced in those settings. Subsequent work in city areas, further highlighted the differences in urban and rural support environments. Robyn is passionate about provision of and access to support that is appropriate and adequate for everyone. Robyn describes her diagnosis of Asperger’s in 2018 as a truly life changing experience.

Ms Pam Macrossan

Chief Executive Officer

Pam joined Autism Queensland in January 2015 as General Manager Children’s Services. She became General Manager Operations in January 2017, then Chief Operating Officer before her appointment as Chief Executive Officer in February 2019. Pam commenced her career as an early childhood teacher and has worked across early childhood, primary and the tertiary sector both nationally and internationally.  She has completed postgraduate studies in inclusive education, business and most recently her Master of Educational Leadership. Pam is a current Director on the Australian Advisory Board (AABA) for Autism, incorporating the Australian Autism Alliance (AAA), and a member of the Australian Autism Research Council (AARC) under the auspice of the Autism Cooperative Research Council (CRC).


Alison Geale
Ms Alison Geale

Company Secretary

Alison leads the Human Resources, Quality and Corporate Support teams. She joined Autism Queensland in 2009, and has enjoyed the challenge of enormous growth and change across the organisation in the 11 years that have followed. Alison’s leadership in organisational development and change management stems from a passion for developing people and cultivating the alignment of individual and organisational goals.