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About us

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Autism Queensland

We will deliver quality services and supports for people living with autism through our exceptional workforce, enhanced infrastructure and sustainable growth.

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Our vision

A life of participation, opportunity and choice.


Our Mission

We partner with people on the autism spectrum, their families and communities to remove barriers and realise potential.


Our core values represent who we are and what is important to us. They embody what we do every day.

Integrity & AuthenticityWe are genuine, honest and accountable in all that we do.

Diversity & InclusionWe respect and celebrate all people and their right to participate and belong.

Strengths FocusWe strive to support the development of every person’s potential, recognising that a strengths focus enables growth and empowers decision-making and self-advocacy.

Safety & WellbeingWe provide and promote safe, respectful, caring and engaging people and environments that support positive development and relationships.

Evidence-Informed PracticeWe use professional reasoning to bring together current high quality research evidence and the values, strengths and preferences of individuals and families to optimise outcomes.


Autism Queensland acknowledges that when referring to individuals who identify as on the autism spectrum, there is no one term that suits all people.

For the purpose of consistency, the term ‘people/adults/children/individuals on the autism spectrum’ will be used in the first instance. In the second, and subsequent instances, ‘people/adults/children/individuals on the spectrum’ will be used.

Within our diagnostic service, we use the terminology ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)’, as this is terminology used within the Diagnostic Statistician’s Manual (Fifth Edition) and within the National Guideline for the Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Australia. Within school-based services, if referring to a verification, Autism Queensland will discuss ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder’ in keeping in line with the education sector.

While it is acknowledged that some members of the autism community prefer identity-first language (e.g. autistic person), and some prefer person-first language (e.g. person with autism), Autism Queensland promotes a preference-first approach. We acknowledge the preference of individuals and their families to determine the language used.

Our Patron

Her Excellency the Honourable Dr Jeannette Young AC PSM, Governor of Queensland was sworn in as the 27th Governor of Queensland on 1 November 2021. Autism Queensland is honoured to have her patronage.

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