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Autism Queensland Limited Executive Leadership Team

Ms Sudha Manian

Chief Financial Officer

Sudha has over two decades of financial strategic, operational and leadership experience across several industries. She has a proven track record in utilising financial data to support the management team during planning activities to drive efficiency, growth and profitability, and a strong commitment to empowering individuals to deliver excellence. Sudha maintains a high level of integrity, transparency, respect, and quality standard. She leads Autism Queensland’s finance and accounts team, and fulfills the role of Company Secretary on the Board of Directors.

Ms Pam Macrossan

Chief Executive Officer

Pam joined Autism Queensland in January 2015 as General Manager Children’s Services. She became General Manager Operations in January 2017, then Chief Operating Officer before her appointment as Chief Executive Officer in February 2019. Pam commenced her career as an early childhood teacher and has worked across early childhood, primary and the tertiary sector both nationally and internationally.  She has completed postgraduate studies in inclusive education, business and most recently her Master of Educational Leadership. Pam is a current Director on the Australian Advisory Board (AABA) for Autism, incorporating the Australian Autism Alliance (AAA), and a member of the Australian Autism Research Council (AARC) under the auspice of the Autism Cooperative Research Council (CRC).


Frances Scodellaro
Ms Frances Scodellaro

Chief Operations Officer

Frances has worked in the field of autism for over 30 years, beginning her career as a speech pathologist. She quickly developed a passion for developing and growing services and supports for people on the spectrum and their families, and has held senior management positions with Autism Queensland since 2004. In her current role, she is responsible for the development and oversight of services and supports including therapy services, early childhood supports, parent education and support, professional development and research and development. Frances’ qualifications include Bachelor of Speech Therapy and Advanced Diploma in Community Sector Management. She is currently completing her Master of Business Administration at the University of Queensland.

Alison Geale
Ms Alison Geale

Chief People Officer

Alison joined Autism Queensland in late 2009, bringing a background in health from her first career as a Registered Nurse, in addition to both professional Human Resources and management experience across commercial, education and non-profit sectors. In her 11 years at the organisation Alison has enjoyed the challenge of enormous growth and change in just about everything but the core of what Autism Queensland does and why. Her leadership in organisational development and change management stems from a passion for developing people and cultivating the alignment of individual and organisational goals.  Alison leads the Human Resources, Quality, Property and Corporate Support teams.