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Individual Therapy

AQ delivers tailored individual therapy services for all ages from our centres across Queensland and statewide through telepractice. Please note not all services are available in all locations and waitlists may apply.

Please note Psychology services are available at AQ Cairns and AQ Gold Coast but are currently unavailable at all other AQ centres due to high demand. Waitlists for all other AQ centres are currently closed.

Please note that fees apply to AQ services and supports.

Individual Therapy Overview

Our practitioners have a broad range of experience, skills and additional certifications to best cater to the individual needs of the person accessing their services.

They use a strengths-based, client and family-centred approach and deliver evidence-based supports in line with current research. They work alongside our specialist teachers and regularly share knowledge and expertise. All therapists access regular clinical supervision from senior professionals in their disciplines and participate in a range of continuing professional learning activities throughout the year.

The Research and Development team, led by Dr Jill Ashburner, provides our therapists with access to the most current information concerning evidence-based approaches, ensuring the delivery of high quality, evidence-informed assessment and interventions to the individuals who access our services.

The following services are available on a fee-for-service basis and travel fees may apply for services delivered in areas outside our centres. Funding packages (NDIS, Medicare etc) may be utilised to cover costs. Please note wait lists may apply.

Did you know AQ also offers therapy groups for all ages? Click here to read more about these services and how they may be suitable for your needs.

Speech Pathology

Speech pathologists play a key role in helping individuals who have difficulties with communication. They can also assist those people who have difficulty with mealtimes, including sensitivities to foods and drinks, or safely swallowing food and drink.

Communication and social interaction challenges are an integral part of the autism diagnosis and many autistic people  can benefit greatly from further developing their skills in these areas.

For young children, speech pathology (also referred to as speech therapy) is recommended as early as possible to achieve maximum results. Older children and adults, including those who have not previously accessed intervention, can also benefit greatly.

AQ’s speech pathologists deliver assessment and therapy for all ages, in the clinic, at home, and in the community. Some of the skill areas in which they can provide assistance include:

  • Language (using and understanding language)
  • Speech (the articulation of spoken words)
  • Social Interaction (skills needed to communicate successfully with others)
  • Mealtime (mealtime strategies, fussy eaters and restricted diets, safety in swallowing)
  • Literacy (spelling and reading)
  • Play Skills
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Systems.

When helping very young children, our speech pathologists work with the child and their parents, individually, and as a member of a multidisciplinary team in early childhood intervention group programs.

Older children may receive support from a speech pathologist to support academic and social communication development. Adults accessing a speech pathologist can work together to improve participation in life activities at home, work, and in the community.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy facilitates the development, improvement or maintenance of skills. Occupational therapists provide alternative ways of performing a task; or modifies the environment to enable an individual to participate in their everyday life activities.

AQ’s occupational therapists can work together with individuals of all ages to support independence and help them reach their potential.

Areas we can assist with include:

  • Daily living such as self-care activities (e.g., dressing, toileting, eating, grooming etc.)
  • Household and community access (e.g. using public transport, money handling, shopping, food preparation and other household tasks etc)
  • Work, employment or volunteer opportunities
  • Understanding and managing sensory processing
  • Emotional regulation, stress management and calming techniques
  • Play skills and leisure
  • Social participation (e.g., forming friendships and relationships, interacting with others such as classmates or work colleagues)
  • Motor skills such as gross motor and coordination
  • School-based skills (e.g., attention, organisation, handwriting/ typing, cutting, numeracy/literacy)
  • Positive behaviour support.

When helping very young children, our occupational therapists work with the child and their parents, individually, and as part of a transdisciplinary team in early childhood intervention group programs.


Please note Psychology services are available at AQ Cairns and AQ Gold Coast but are currently unavailable at all other AQ centres due to high demand. Waitlists for all other AQ centres are currently closed.

AQ’s psychologists support autistic individuals and their families in many ways including:

  • Psychometric assessments – cognitive assessments, learning disorders, emotional and social difficulties, behavioural difficulties
  • Increasing individuals’ understanding and ability to manage their emotions
  • Supporting individuals and families in positive behaviour support for intense and/or challenging behaviours
  • Support with developing social connections.
  • Difficulties with relationships
  • Conflict resolution
  • Mental health disorders such as anxiety, OCD, depression, ADHD through the model of CBT (Cognitive behaviour therapy) and other interventions
  • Transitioning through different life stages
  • School refusal
  • Trauma/attachment
  • Emotional regulation (e.g. anxiety, anger management issues)
  • Family issues and parenting support.
  • Problems adjusting to life changes
  • Emotional regulation, stress management and calming techniques.


AQ’s practitioners can provide all Individual Therapy services through videoconferencing or phone calls. This can be particularly useful for people who not live locally to one of our six centres, but also those who are unable to attend in person and prefer to receive therapy online. Please note therapy is delivered in real time, and may also involve the use of pre-recorded videos, images, and online resources.

Research into telepractice shows this method of therapy can be just as effective as many face-to-face services. In fact, some approaches have resulted in better outcomes than when used in face to face formats.

Learn more about telepractice here.