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Autism EmployABLE

This project incorporates evidence-based autism-specific approaches to work with businesses and disability employment services to assist the employment of people on the spectrum.

Autism EmployABLE 2 (AE2) is the second phase of our participant led, autism specific employment access program for adults to explore, navigate and sustain work. We work with individuals on the spectrum, supporting them into appropriate, sustainable employment, whilst also working with businesses to raise autism awareness, build knowledge and understanding regarding the benefits of employing someone the autism spectrum and helping them to successfully employ our participants.

A tailored program for long-term outcomes

Unique autism-specific features of this program include the use of a range of evidence-based practices to assist individuals on the spectrum gain and maintain meaningful employment as well as enabling businesses to successfully employ people on the spectrum. We support businesses to become self-sufficient in making autism-specific accommodations and create more appropriate job opportunities that benefit both their organisation and our participants.

The long-term outcome of Autism EmployABLE is:

  • More people in the community working alongside employees on the spectrum, leading to increased workplace acceptance and understanding of autism.
  • Acknowledgement and utilisation of the huge resource and talent that individuals on the spectrum can bring to an organisation.
  • Truly inclusive and diverse workforces that represent the people that they serve.

Autism EmployABLE is funded by the Department of Social Services, Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) program.

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