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Autism Queensland Services for Adults
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Autism EmployABLE

The pilot project will develop a model incorporating evidence-based autism-specific approaches that will be rolled out in collaboration with disability employment services nationally.

Autism EmployABLE is an innovative project engaging with Australian businesses to build:

  • Awareness of the positive attributes of employees on the autism spectrum and
  • Develop their capacity to successfully employ them.

Autism EmployABLE will engage with businesses over the course of the activity. Core project components include:

  • Training to assist businesses to understand the strengths and challenges of people on the spectrum, and appropriate workplace accommodations
  • Autism-specific audits to identify the suitability of available positions and any necessary workplace accommodations
  • On-the-job autism-specific coaching for employees on the spectrum that will, in turn, inform future training for businesses and workplace accommodations.

Unique autism-specific features of this model will include the use of a range of evidence-based practices.

The anticipated outcome is the successful employment of people on the spectrum and business’ self-sufficiency in making autism-specific accommodations and more appropriate job opportunities for people on the spectrum.

The long-term outcome of Autism EmployABLE will be more people in the community working alongside employees on the spectrum, leading to destigmatisation and increased workplace acceptance of autism.

Autism EmployABLE is funded through an Economic Participation of People with Disability grant as part of the National Disability Insurance Agency, Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) program.