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Autism Queensland News

Digital Workforce Mentoring Program

AQ is seeking participants to join a mentoring program for autistic and other neurodivergent people working in the digital sector.

This Queensland Government funded project is aimed at increasing capacity for neurodivergent people working in this space.

These groups will enable participants to:
• Increase their understanding of themselves and their neurodivergence.
• Develop their identity within the digital workforce sector.
• Engage meaningfully in digital employment.
• Develop or improve connectedness with others in the industry.
• Develop strategies to manage wellbeing and increase self-confidence and self-advocacy.

All groups will be delivered online. Sessions run for an hour each week over 10 weeks and are facilitated by a therapist/educator and neurodivergent mentor.



For all enquiries email: [email protected]

This program is proudly supported by the Queensland Government. For information on the options and benefits of choosing a digital career, visit

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