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Behaviour Support

People use behaviours of concern (often also called challenging behaviour) for a reason. This may be to get something that they want/need or to escape from something that they find difficult or unpleasant.

Finding the reason and teaching new skills so that the person does not need to use behaviours of concern is called Positive Behaviour Support. By decreasing the behaviours of concern, Positive Behaviour Support increases the person’s quality of life.

Autism Queensland’s Behaviour Support Service consists of a functional behaviour assessment, recommendations of proactive and reactive strategies, including any assessment of restrictive practices, the training of staff and carers in how to implement the plan.

Following is a breakdown of a basic package* to develop or review a Positive Behaviour Support Plan conducted by an NDIS registered Behaviour Support Practitioner.

  • Initial intake and case history
  • Direct observations
  • Risk assessment
  • Quality of life assessment
  • Behaviour data recording
  • Functional Behaviour Assessment
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Plan development and review (includes formulation of clinical hypothesis, proactive and reactive strategies and recommendations based on assessments conducted
  • 15 hours of staff/carer implementation assistance
  • Practitioner travel

Price: From $10,936.44 (calculated based on a minimum of 36 hours to complete a basic plan and 15 hours of initial training and implementation supports).

*Specific multidisciplinary assessments are not included in the basic PBSP package, but highly recommended during this process to comprehensively inform recommendations and/or meet plan conditions stipulated by the relevant decision-maker.

To purchase Behaviour Support Services with NDIS funding, the participant needs to have funding specifically in the Improved Relationships category of their NDIS Plan. If this is not currently in the person’s Plan, it should be raised with their NDIS Partner and a review organised as soon as possible.

Please note:  Available through our centres in Brisbane, Rockhampton, Gladstone and Mackay