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Teacher teaching a young kid

Vacation Care

Vacation Care Program is available at the Sunnybank Hills and Brighton campuses for autistic children aged 5-16 years. We aim to provide activities that are suitable for a range of interests and levels of ability. Children are supported to enable them to participate and enjoy the activities. Please note places are limited and fees apply.

NDIS funding may be used if children have the following items in their plans.

  • Group Activities – Standard – Weekday Daytime  04_102_0136_6_1_T $66.45
  • Group Activities – Standard – Weekday Daytime – Non F2F   04_102_0136_6_1_T $66.45
  • Group Activities – High – Weekday Daytime  04_600_0104_6_1_T $71.83
  • Group Activities – High – Weekday Daytime – Non F2F   04_600_0104_6_1_T $71.83

Read more about NDIS pricing