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Meet Marguerite – AQ Inclusion Consultant & Educator

"I meet amazing families, educators and children all the time, and seeing them achieve success is immensely fulfilling."

I have worked with AQ since August 2017.

I currently work in two roles – I work as part of the Gladstone Therapy team one day a week seeing individual clients as a Developmental Educator. I also work 2 days a week as a Senior Early Years Inclusion Consultant which is a new role I started in March 2023. I first worked as teacher in AQ’s EarlyAQtion Kindi program and also ran Social Opportunities Group Therapy sessions for children under 7.

Upon completing my Masters in 2021 I registered as a Developmental Educator which provided me with the opportunity to see clients across the lifespan due to a change in my scope of practice. I have also benefitted from a wealth of knowledge gained through excellent PD opportunities offered by AQ – this has directly impacted my practice and provided opportunities to diversify the services I am able to offer to clients.

I absolutely love the variety in my work – I meet amazing families, educators and children all the time, and seeing them achieve success is immensely fulfilling.

AQ are always at the forefront of developments and opportunities which leads to so many exciting projects for us to be involved in.

Having started in a new role, I am excited to see how our early years consultancy team continues to grow and build capacity in the educators we work with which in turn directly impact the young children they work with on a daily basis.

When asked what kind of advice she would give to someone starting their journey at AQ, Marguerite said: “Don’t be afraid to reach out for support – learning from my colleagues has been invaluable and I have learned so much from them. AQ has a wealth of talented, experienced and approachable staff members who are all open and willing to share information and provide support wherever they can.”

Everyday impact. Every day.

If you’re seeking a career where you can find a better balance and a better way, you’ve come to the right place.


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