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Autism Queensland News

AQ’s Research To Practice is back for 2023

Topic: Successfully Supporting Autistic Students - full day webinar on Saturday 4 March.

Featuring research expertise and lived experience, this webinar event will provide participants with a current view of evidence related to the topic of successfully supporting autistic learners within the school environment.

Our speakers will share their knowledge with the audience, drawing on their research, and experience as practitioners, autistic individuals, and parents of autistic children.

Topics throughout the full-day session will include:

  • Factors influencing autistic learners’ success in schools.
  • From an autistic student’s perspective: understanding the importance of ME, not autistic stereotypes and myths.
  • When you can’t go to school:  school non-attendance for autistic students.
  • Should we stay or should we go? Parent experiences and decisions around moving schools for their autistic child.
  • Evaluating whole-school practice for autistic students: experience of stakeholders and implications for practice.
  • An insight into AQ’s Autism Consultant Service.


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