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Rural Families’ Resilience Project – Supporting Farming Families of Children with Disability

Autism Queensland, funded by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment – Future Drought Fund, will deliver a new virtual project to provide rural families of children with disability a voice to share their journey.

The six-month project will inform planning, program development, and supports for families living in rural and remote settings and those providers who deliver a range of services in the region.

The project will be offered free in north-west Queensland and aims to build a better understanding of the challenges faced by those families who are supporting children with a disability and managing drought conditions.

The key aims are to map service provision and explore the concept of resilience. Importantly, families have a chance to reflect upon what resilience means to them.

Autism Queensland is interested to speak with farming families to hear about their journey and understand their unique needs. The Project aims to give families their chance to be heard on topics like resilience, access to and availability of services, and how competing priorities are managed on the farm and with the family.

It will begin cataloguing disability and drought services in the region; and provide an opportunity for families to set goals using unique tools to help with planning for the future.

As part of the project, Autism Queensland, will also engage with service providers across the region such as disability providers, agricultural organisations, women’s groups, community service organisations and local government to learn more about their service offerings and enhance knowledge about the successes and barriers for service delivery.

Families are invited to join a virtual “Kitchen Table Conversation” either individually or in a small group. These have also been scheduled for service providers.

The long-term aim of the project is for families to share their powerful narratives to inform government and disability sectors of the successes and challenges they experience; and to strengthen relationships between families and key stakeholders who are already delivering services in north-west Queensland.

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