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Neurodiversity Works




Specialists employed within this program support, educate and build employer confidence to successfully hire autistic and neurodivergent adults across varied industries in Southeast Queensland. They also work with employers to help them retain current staff. 

Key aspects of the Neurodiversity Works program include:

  • Assessment of an employer’s capacity, processes and support requirements to effectively hire neurodivergent candidates.
  • Education and training for businesses and their staff about autism and neurodivergence.
  • Understanding the culture and recruitment needs of each business partner and applying a collaboration framework to match organisation needs against those of the potential employee.
  • Review of recruitment, interview and onboarding practice and recommendations provided that are appropriate for neurodivergent candidates. 
  • Identify neurodiversity champions within businesses to influence diversity and inclusion. 


Neurodiversity Works is funded by the Queensland Government through the Workforce Connect Fund.

Ginny Morris, Learning & Development Manager, Axial Training, shares the positive influence of employing a neurodivergent adult.

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