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24th April, 2020

If you are currently accessing a service/program, our teams will have been in touch to provide updates on that service, however for quick reference, and people looking at starting to access Autism Queensland, following is a snapshot of changes that have been made to some of our services at present. This listing will be updated regularly.

Please note this information may change according to Government directives, and some services where the changes have been minimal have not been listed. We encourage you to go to the section of interest on the website for more information, alternatively please contact your closest centre or email customerservice@autismqld.com.au

Autism Queensland School

  • Term 2 commenced as scheduled on 20 April. Students are attending in the classroom or remotely from home. 

Early Childhood Intervention Services

  • Group Programs - Term 2 commenced as usual
  • Food School & PREParation Station (Brisbane) - book now for next term. Read more ►

Early Days Workshops

Group Programs for School-Aged Children

  • Happy Hands (handwriting and motor skills development) - delivered online from 5 May. 
  • Lego Club (Brisbane) - bookings open for programs starting 11 May (Sunnybank Hills) & 28 July (Brighton).
  • Secret Agent Society - online delivery. Next group commencing 5 June. 
    More information on these programs/to book in ►
  • Teen Tech Shed - online delivery Tuesday and Thursdays. Read more ►

Group Programs for Adults 

Individual Therapy and Assessments

  • Telethepractice delivery (face to face if required). Please note waitlists may still apply to these services. Contact your closest centre.

Scheduled Workshops

  • Professional Learning & Development & Parent/Carer specific topics. Delivery by webinar. View schedule ►

School Advisory Visits

  • Available via phone or video conferencing. Schools to follow existing processes to book visits. Read more ►

COVID-19 Information and useful links 

Contact: E customerservice@autismqld.com.au