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Distance Education to commence at AQ in 2024!

Autism Queensland is accredited to provide Distance Education commencing 2024.

We have been working toward this for almost two years and can now work with disengaged students across the state from our Sunnybank Hills site to improve educational outcomes.

What does AQ School’s Distance Education look like?

Enrolment in the Distance Education offered by AQ School is an option for students who meet Student With Disability (SWD) eligibility criteria and due to regional location are unable to attend one of the Education and Therapy Centres located in Brisbane at Brighton and Sunnybank Hills and in Cairns at Edmonton.*

AQ School’s Distance Education provides students with the opportunity to learn from home by interacting daily with the interdisciplinary team remotely. Technology plays a part in allowing the distance learning program to take place.

Teaching and Learning Online:

AQ School’s Distance Education has been designed for students in years 3 – 6. The students engage in Australian Curriculum Learning Areas of English, Maths and HPE with other Learning Areas included in individual students’ programs. The curriculum content, instruction and learning resources are provided by the interdisciplinary team and accessed by the home supervisor and student via online platforms. Each student has a Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) which is developed collaboratively. The student’s PLP details key strategies and adjustments to supporting distance learning along with personalised learning goals.

Benefits of the Distance Education offered by AQ School:

  • Students can engage in learning without having to be physically present in an AQ School.
  • The student’s daily and weekly distance education schedule can be flexible.
  • Students can receive real time instruction and feedback from their interdisciplinary team.
  • Students can interact with other classmates, via online environments established by the interdisciplinary team.
  • Students have the flexibility to access materials, review content and practice skills at their own pace and as many times as necessary.
  • Students can demonstrate knowledge and independent proficiency in skills through the development and sharing of an online personal portfolio.
  • Some of the barriers, which make attendance in a mainstream school challenging, do not need to be navigated.
  • Students can continue to access support from personal therapists in and around their daily and weekly learning schedule.

Attendance in the Distance Education offered by AQ School is measured by the student’s regular engagement in his or her program and frequent sharing of student’s work at his/her independent and individual level.

Important Considerations

AQ School’s Distance Education has many benefits; however, there are also potential challenges. To assist parents to determine the suitability of the distance education program and the specific benefits for their learner it helps to consider and discuss the following questions.

  1. Where in the home can a positive learning environment be set up and what items will need to be included?
  2. Who will assume the consistent role of the home supervisor and what time does this person have available for this role?
  3. What skills has the student acquired that will benefit his or her engagement in the distance learning program?
  4. What changes or additions will be required to your family’s daily and weekly schedule to accommodate learning from home?

*NB: Priority will be given to students from remote and regional areas – as we aim to provide specialist schooling options for students across Queensland.

There are limited vacancies within our Distance Education program for children in years 3-6 for the 2024 school year. Get in touch for further information.

We are continuing to take expressions of interest for 2024 classes and for consideration for future enrolment opportunities as AQ Distance Ed grows.

Learn More

To learn more about AQ Distance Education, eligibility, technology requirements and how Distance Education can help your family, please download the attached flyer below.


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