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All Goal Setting Tools are now available!

We are pleased to announce AQ's AAGST & FGSTs are now back on sale through this website.

With AQ’s rebrand early in 2021/2022, both the FGSTs and AAGST underwent a large rebrand project, spanning lots of planning, designing and printing over a period of months.

We are excited to be able to inform everyone all three goal setting tools – the Adolescent/Adult Goal Setting Tool; FGST: Autism Spectrum Disorder Version and FGST: For Families with Children with Disabilities Version are back in stock and available for purchase here.

The tools have a new look, in line with our current branding, and have had some smaller quality updates to ensure maximum efficiency and suitability for users.

Adolescent/Adult Goal Setting Tool

The AAGST has been designed to enable people on the autism spectrum and other neurodivergent individuals to actively engage in person-centred planning processes.

Family Goal Setting Tools

These tools have been designed for therapists, teachers, social workers and other specialists working with families with young children. The FGST is a card sort to scaffold the identification, communication and prioritisation of each families goals. It encompasses child-focused goals and the family need for information, support and the opportunity for active participation in the community.

If you have any questions relating directly about the tools and their content/suitability, please email [email protected] with questions. If you have any questions regarding the ordering or shipping of your tools, please direct them to [email protected]


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